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Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: SAFe-Agilist
Exam Name: SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0)
Last Update: Jul 19, 2024
45 Questions Answers with Explanation Detail
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Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist Exam Dumps FAQs

SAFe 6 Agilist Exam Domains

Main Domains Covered in the SAFe 6 Agilist Exam:

  • Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility
    • Understanding the importance of business agility to thrive in the digital age.
    • Key concepts include Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles that contribute to business agility.
  • Becoming a Lean-Agile Leader
    • Covers the mindset and skills necessary for leading a Lean-Agile transformation.
    • Emphasizes leading by example, embodying Lean-Agile principles, and inspiring organizational change.
  • Establishing Team and Technical Agility
    • Focused on building high-performing teams and fostering technical excellence.
    • Involves practices such as Agile Teams, Iterations, Backlog refinement, and Built-In Quality practices.
  • Building Solutions with Agile Product Delivery
    • Centers on customer-centricity, Design Thinking, and developing solutions using Agile Product Delivery processes.
    • Incorporates Continuous Exploration, Integration, Deployment, and Release on Demand capabilities.
  • Exploring Lean Portfolio Management
    • Delves into aligning strategy with execution through Lean Portfolio Management techniques.
    • Covers portfolio visioning, budgeting, forecasting, roadmapping, and governance.

The significance of each domain within the broader context of the certification lies in providing a comprehensive understanding of how to lead a successful Lean-Agile transformation at scale. Mastery of these domains equips individuals with the knowledge to not only support their organization’s transition to SAFe but also drive continuous improvement efforts for long-term business agility. This holistic approach ensures that candidates are well-prepared to take strategic actions that align with fast-paced market changes and customer needs.

The Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam is designed for professionals who are seeking to deepen their understanding and expertise in the domain of Agile practices and Scaled Agile Frameworks. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have been actively involved in software development, IT operations, or project management within organizations that are transitioning to or already implementing Agile methodologies at scale.

Ideal candidates for this certification include:

  • Project Managers and Scrum Masters looking to elevate their leadership skills in Agile environments.
  • Software Developers and Testers aiming to expand their knowledge on Agile practices and Lean thinking.
  • Enterprise Architects and System Architects seeking a comprehensive understanding of how to align architecture with business value within an Agile framework.
  • Product Managers and Product Owners desiring a deeper grasp on managing backlogs and delivering value through the Program Increment (PI) Planning process.

This certification is highly relevant across various industry segments, especially in technology, financial services, healthcare, government, and manufacturing sectors where Agile methodologies are increasingly adopted. The desired knowledge includes familiarity with basic Agile concepts, experience in teamwork within an agile environment, and an understanding of software development processes. Skills such as effective communication, problem-solving within fast-paced environments, and the ability to facilitate team dynamics are crucial.

Achieving the SAFe-Agilist certification validates an individual’s competence in navigating the complexities of scaling agile beyond single teams. It signifies readiness to support organizational change through a structured approach to managing product development flows at scale, enhancing collaboration across departments, and driving efficient delivery of value to customers. This credential empowers professionals to lead by example in a dynamic market landscape, making it an essential asset for those aiming to advance their career in Agile leadership roles.

SAFe 6 Agilist Exam Format and Duration

SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) Exam Format and Duration

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) Agilist certification exam is designed to evaluate a candidate's understanding of the Lean-Agile principles and practices as outlined in SAFe. Below are the key details regarding the format and duration of the exam:

  • Exam Name: SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA)
  • Exam Version: 6.0
  • Type of Questions: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select
  • Number of Questions: 45
  • Duration: 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
  • Passing Score: The passing score is typically set at around 75%, but it is advisable to confirm the exact percentage from official resources as it may vary.
  • Delivery Method: The exam is conducted online, accessible through the Scaled Agile Community Platform.
  • Languages Available: Primarily offered in English, but availability in other languages can be checked on the official Scaled Agile website.

Note: It's important for candidates to refer to the official Scaled Agile website or contact authorized training providers for the most current information regarding the exam, including any updates to format, duration, and passing criteria.

SAFe 6 Agilist Exam Prerequisites

Prerequisites for the Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist (SA) Exam:

To ensure that candidates have a successful experience with the SAFe-Agilist (SA) certification, certain prerequisites are recommended. These prerequisites are designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge necessary to benefit from the SAFe framework and to effectively lead in its implementation.

  • Experience: It is highly recommended that candidates have:
    • 5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management.
    • Experience in Scrum.
  • Educational Background: While there are no strict educational requirements, having a background in project management or related fields can be beneficial.
  • Prior Certifications: No prior certifications are required to take the SAFe-Agilist exam. However, attending the Leading SAFe course is mandatory.
  • Course Requirement: Candidates must attend the two-day Leading SAFe (SA) training course delivered by a Scaled Agile Framework authorized training provider. Completion of this course is essential as it provides access to all the study materials and the exam itself.

Note: Fulfilling these prerequisites will significantly enhance your understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework and prepare you for successful certification as a SAFe Agilist.

The retake policy for the Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist (SA) exam, specifically for the SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe version, is designed to provide candidates with a clear understanding of when and how they can attempt the exam after an unsuccessful try. Here are the key points regarding this policy:

  • First Attempt: If you do not pass the SAFe-Agilist exam on your first attempt, you're allowed to retake it without waiting. However, this immediate retake is considered your second attempt.
  • Second Attempt: Should you need to take the exam for a third time, you must wait for a period of 10 days from your last test date before attempting it again.
  • Subsequent Attempts: For any attempts beyond the third, a waiting period of 30 days from the most recent attempt applies.

Please note that each retake attempt may be subject to an associated fee. The initial examination fee typically covers only your first attempt; therefore, additional charges will apply for each subsequent retake. It's important to check directly with Scaled Agile or your training provider for the most current information on retake fees as these costs can vary and may be updated over time.

This policy aims to give candidates adequate time to prepare and improve their knowledge and skills before attempting the exam again, increasing their chances of success on subsequent tries.

The SAFe-Agilist (SA) certification, specifically for the Leading SAFe (SA) 6.0 version, is valid for a period of one year from the date of certification. To ensure that certified professionals remain up-to-date with the latest practices in Scaled Agile Framework, there is a requirement to renew this certification annually. Below are the steps involved in the renewal process:

  1. Log in to your Scaled Agile account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘My Certifications’ dashboard within your profile.
  3. Click on the renewal link available next to your SAFe-Agilist certification.
  4. Pay the annual renewal fee of $100 USD.

This renewal fee not only extends your certification for an additional year but also provides access to continuously updated SAFe learning resources and tools that can enhance your knowledge and skills in agile practices. It is important to note that failing to renew your certification by its expiration date will result in its suspension until the renewal process is completed.

When preparing for the SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam, utilizing resources from Examstrack can significantly enhance your study experience and increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt. Examstrack offers a comprehensive suite of materials specifically designed for the SAFe-Agilist certification, ensuring that candidates have access to high-quality, reliable study aids.

Examstrack Study Guides: These PDF guides are meticulously crafted to cover all the essential topics and principles of the SAFe framework. They provide a structured approach to learning, making complex concepts easier to understand. The guides are updated regularly to reflect the latest version of the exam, ensuring you're studying the most current information.

Examstrack Practice Question Banks: A vital component of effective exam preparation is practice, and Examstrack’s question banks offer a vast array of questions that mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual exam. This resource allows candidates to test their knowledge under conditions similar to those they will face during the certification test, building confidence and improving time management skills.

Unique Features & Benefits:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Both resources cover every topic outlined in the SAFe-Agilist exam syllabus, ensuring no stone is left unturned.
2. Up-to-Date Material: With constant updates reflecting changes in the SAFe framework, candidates can rest assured they're studying relevant material.
3. Flexibility: The PDF format provides flexibility for candidates to study anywhere, anytime, while the testing engine simulates an actual exam environment.
4. Expertly Crafted Questions: The practice questions are designed by experts with deep knowledge of SAFe principles and extensive experience in preparing students for this certification.
5. Feedback Mechanism: The testing engine provides immediate feedback on practice tests, helping candidates identify areas where further review is needed.

By leveraging these resources from Examstrack, candidates can significantly boost their preparation for the SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam. With detailed study guides and extensive practice questions available at their fingertips, achieving certification becomes a more attainable goal.

The amount of time you should allocate to studying for the SAFe-Agilist SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam largely depends on a few key factors, including your existing knowledge of Agile principles and the Scaled Agile Framework, your study habits, and how deeply you wish to understand the material before sitting for the exam. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, a general guideline can be helpful in planning your study schedule.

  • Assess Your Current Knowledge: If you have experience working in an Agile environment or with the SAFe framework, you might find that some of the concepts are familiar. This prior knowledge could reduce your required study time.
  • Determine Your Study Pace: Everyone learns at a different pace. Reflect on how quickly you absorb new information and adjust your study plan accordingly. Some individuals may require more time to thoroughly understand complex concepts or may prefer to review material multiple times.
  • Level of Preparedness: Consider how prepared you want to be. If aiming for a high score or a deep understanding of the content, allotting additional study time would be beneficial.

Taking these factors into account, a general estimate would suggest dedicating anywhere from 20 to 40 hours of study time for the SAFe-Agilist exam. This range accounts for varying degrees of prior experience and personal learning speeds.

It's crucial to tailor your study schedule to fit your individual needs and learning pace. Breaking down your study sessions into manageable chunks and incorporating regular reviews can also enhance retention and understanding. Remember, quality often trumps quantity when it comes to effective studying.

Utilizing ExamTrack for the SAFe-Agilist SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam preparation offers a multitude of specific benefits that cater to the needs of learners aiming for certification success. The platform's approach to providing Simple and Informative Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist Exams Material ensures that candidates receive comprehensive yet straightforward content, making complex concepts easier to understand and retain.

  • Clear Learning Objectives: Each module is designed with clear learning objectives in mind, guiding users through essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in the SAFe-Agilist exam. This structured approach helps in focusing study efforts on key areas, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Organized Multiple Choice Questions Answers: The inclusion of organized multiple choice questions allows candidates to test their understanding in a format that mirrors the actual exam. This not only aids in reinforcing learned material but also improves test-taking strategies and time management during the real test scenario.
  • Efficient Time Management: With materials structured for optimal learning, users can better manage their study time. Focused modules mean less time spent on irrelevant information, allowing for more efficient preparation.
  • Free Demos for Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist Tests: The availability of free demos provides an opportunity to explore the platform before committing, ensuring it meets individual study preferences and needs.
  • A Promised Success in Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist Certification Exams: ExamTrack’s confidence in their material is reflected in their promise of success, offering reassurance to candidates about the quality and effectiveness of the exam preparation resources provided.

In conclusion, ExamTrack serves as an invaluable tool for those preparing for the SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam by delivering targeted, user-friendly materials designed to facilitate a successful certification process.

Enroll in SAFe 6 Agilist Course

How to Enroll in the Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist (SA) 6.0 Exam Course

To enroll in the Scaled Agile SAFe-Agilist SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) exam course, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to the search bar or the certifications section and search for "SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA)".
  3. Once you find the course, review the details provided about the exam including prerequisites, syllabus, and other relevant information.
  4. Scroll down to find different package options available such as Testing Engine only, PDF only, or a combination of PDF + Testing Engine.
  5. Select your desired package by clicking on the "Add to cart" button next to it.
  6. You will be directed to a checkout page where you can review your order.
  7. Choose your preferred payment method from the options provided. This could include credit card, PayPal, or other available methods.
  8. Complete the checkout process by entering your payment details and confirming your purchase.

Upon successful payment, you will receive access to high-quality Dumps Questions Answers along with your selected study materials (PDF and/or Testing Engine). Make sure to prepare thoroughly to excel in your SAFe 6 Agilist certification exam.

If you have any questions or encounter issues while navigating, rest assured that there are multiple avenues for you to seek assistance. Follow these steps to get in touch with the support team:

  1. Email Support: You can reach out to the support team directly by sending an email to This method is suitable for detailed inquiries or if you need to attach documents for clarity. The support team strives to respond promptly, ensuring your concerns are addressed efficiently.

  2. Live Chat: For immediate assistance, take advantage of the live chat feature available on the website. This option is ideal for quick questions or issues that require swift resolution. To initiate a live chat, simply locate and click on the live chat icon on the website. A customer service representative will be with you shortly to provide personalized assistance.

Please note that both communication channels are designed to offer you timely and effective support. Whether you prefer writing an email or engaging in a live conversation, our dedicated team is ready to assist with any queries or challenges you may face.

SAFe-Agilist Ratings & Reviews

520 Ratings
Amalia Peters
Apr 5, 2024
SAFe-Agilist success with Examstrack's perfect study guide and dumps. Real exam questions made prep a breeze. Guaranteed success!
Patrick Sloan
Apr 5, 2024
Passed SAFe-Agilist thanks to Examstrack's testing engine. Best study material for 100% valid test preparation. Highly recommend!
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Apr 5, 2024
Examstrack's SAFe-Agilist materials are top-notch. Accurate dumps and questions answers ensured my swift, guaranteed success. Best resource!

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SAFe-Agilist Overview

SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0) Exam Overview
Aspect Description
Certification Name SAFe 6 Agilist - Leading SAFe (SA) (6.0)
Target Audience Individuals who lead the implementation and execution of the SAFe framework within an organization
Level Foundational
Prerequisites No formal prerequisites, but basic understanding of Agile principles and practices is recommended
Exam Format Web-based, closed book, multiple-choice questions
Number of Questions 45
Time Limit 90 minutes
Passing Score 73% (33 out of 45)
Cost Included in the SAFe Agilist course registration fee if taken within 30 days of course completion. Otherwise, USD $50 per attempt.
Renewal Not required

SAFe-Agilist Q&A's Detail

Exam Code:
Total Questions:
45 Q&A's
Single Choice Questions:
45 Q&A's

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Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail with instant access to course.



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