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Alibaba Cloud ACA-CloudNative Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: ACA-CloudNative
Exam Name: ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam
Last Update: Jun 17, 2024
155 Questions
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Alibaba Cloud ACA-CloudNative Exam Dumps FAQs

  • Cloud Computing Concepts and Security: This domain covers the basics of cloud computing, including core concepts, technologies, and deployment models. It also emphasizes Alibaba Cloud's security features, compliance standards, and best practices for securing cloud resources.
  • Elastic Computing Services: In this area, candidates must understand Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Compute Service (ECS), including ECS instance types, scaling features, and related services to manage compute resources efficiently.
  • Network and CDN: This section focuses on networking fundamentals within Alibaba Cloud. Topics include Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), server load balancers, Content Delivery Network (CDN) usage, and optimization techniques for network performance.
  • Storage and Database Services: Knowledge of Alibaba Cloud storage solutions such as Object Storage Service (OSS) and database services like ApsaraDB is assessed here. Candidates should know how to implement secure, scalable storage solutions and manage databases effectively.
  • Monitoring and Management: This domain addresses the tools available on Alibaba Cloud for monitoring and managing cloud environments. Skills tested include using CloudMonitor for resource monitoring and applying best practices in resource management.

Each domain is integral to showcasing proficiency in utilizing Alibaba Cloud's platform effectively across various scenarios that a cloud professional may encounter during their work with cloud-native applications.

ACA-CloudNative Certification Exam Target Audience

Target Audience for the ACA-CloudNative Certification Exam

The ideal candidate for the Alibaba Cloud ACA-CloudNative exam is a professional with a foundational understanding of cloud computing and Alibaba Cloud's core products. They should have practical experience in deploying, managing, and operating applications on Alibaba Cloud.

  • Existing Skills: Basic knowledge of cloud services and familiarity with container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience Level: Entry to intermediate-level professionals looking to validate their skills in cloud-native practices.
  • Career Goals: Aspiring to roles such as Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, or Software Developer within organizations utilizing Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.

This certification is beneficial for individuals aiming to demonstrate their expertise in the design, deployment, and management of native cloud applications. It is particularly relevant for those seeking employment or advancement in sectors that heavily rely on Alibaba Cloud services.

  • Relevant Job Roles: DevOps Engineers, Application Developers, IT Project Managers.
  • Industry Segments: E-commerce, finance, gaming, and tech enterprises leveraging cloud-native technologies.
  • Desired Knowledge and Skills: Proficiency in using Alibaba Cloud ECS, Container Service, Serverless products; understanding of microservices architecture; ability to troubleshoot common issues.
  • Certification Benefits: Validates competence and readiness for handling real-world challenges associated with cloud-native environments.
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-response questions
  • Number of Questions: 70 questions
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Understanding of cloud computing and the basic architecture of Alibaba Cloud.
  • Familiarity with Alibaba Cloud's core products, including ECS, RDS, Auto Scaling, Alibaba Cloud Container Service, and Server Load Balancer.
  • Basic knowledge of container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with Linux operating systems is recommended but not required.
  • No prior certifications are explicitly required to take the ACA-CloudNative exam.

If you do not pass the Alibaba Cloud ACA-CloudNative exam on your first attempt, you can retake it following these guidelines:

  1. Wait for a period of 14 days before retaking the exam to allow for adequate preparation.
  2. After the waiting period, schedule and take the exam again.
  3. Note that each exam attempt may require payment of an additional fee, unless covered by a free retake policy or voucher.
  4. Be aware that there is no explicit limit on the number of retakes; however, each attempt must adhere to the mandatory waiting period.

Ensure you check with Alibaba Cloud for any updates to their retake policy or associated costs before scheduling another attempt.

The ACA-CloudNative Alibaba Cloud Native certification is valid for three years after successfully passing the exam. To maintain the certification, individuals must:

  1. Retake and pass the ACA-CloudNative exam before the end of the three-year validity period.
  2. Alternatively, they can opt to take a higher-level professional certification exam offered by Alibaba Cloud to extend their ACA-CloudNative certification validity.

Failure to complete these renewal requirements will result in the expiration of the certification.

For those preparing for the ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam, offers a comprehensive suite of study materials that are specifically tailored to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The resources available include:

  • PDF Study Guides: These guides provide detailed explanations of all topics covered in the ACA-CloudNative exam syllabus, ensuring that learners have access to dependable and up-to-date content.
  • Testing Engine: This interactive tool allows candidates to simulate the actual exam environment, helping them to become comfortable with the format and time constraints of the real test.
  • Practice Question Banks: With a wide array of practice questions, these banks help reinforce knowledge by providing practical scenarios and questions similar to those found on the actual exam.

The combination of these resources from ensures that students can approach their ACA-CloudNative certification with confidence. By utilizing these study aids, candidates are well-equipped to master the material and excel on their certification journey.

ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam Study Time Recommendation

Study Time Recommendation for the ACA-CloudNative Exam

The appropriate amount of study time for the ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam varies based on individual experience and learning style. However, as a general guideline:

  1. If you have prior knowledge in cloud-native technologies and a good grasp of the exam content, aim for at least 40-60 hours of study.
  2. For those newer to the subject or who prefer a moderate pace, consider dedicating 70-100 hours to ensure a comprehensive understanding.
  3. Individuals seeking an in-depth review or who learn at a slower pace might require upwards of 100+ hours.

It's crucial to assess your own familiarity with the exam topics and adjust your study plan accordingly. Consistent, focused study sessions will generally yield the best results. Remember that quality trumps quantity; make sure your study time is effective and tailored to your personal learning needs.

  • Structured Learning: ExamTrack provides well-organized study material that aligns with clear learning objectives, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam syllabus.
  • Efficient Preparation: The multiple-choice questions and answers are arranged methodically to aid in efficient review and retention of knowledge, optimizing time management for learners.
  • Demonstrated Success: With a proven track record, ExamTrack's resources are designed to increase the likelihood of success in obtaining the ACA-CloudNative certification.
  • Accessible Demonstrations: Free demos offer insights into the quality and style of the exam material, allowing candidates to make informed decisions before committing to the full content.

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