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AAPC CPC Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: CPC
Exam Name: Certified Professional Coder (CPC)Exam
Last Update: Jun 25, 2024
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AAPC CPC Exam Dumps FAQs

The AAPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam primarily covers four main domains, each having its own significance in the broader context of the certification.

1. Coding: This domain is fundamental as it tests the candidate's knowledge and understanding of coding guidelines and principles for accurate medical coding for different types of services such as diagnostic, procedural, and other ancillary services. It includes topics like ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS Level II coding systems.

2. Medical Terminology: This section assesses the candidate's understanding of medical terminology used in a healthcare setting. This includes anatomy, physiology, disease conditions, surgical procedures, and pharmacology.

3. Healthcare Information Management: Here, candidates are tested on their skills to handle patient records and data management. Topics include Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Electronic Health Records (EHR), insurance claim processing among others.

4. Regulatory Compliance: This domain focuses on legal and regulatory standards in healthcare such as compliance with federal regulations like False Claims Act or Anti-Kickback Statute.

Each domain plays a crucial role in ensuring that certified professionals have a comprehensive understanding of medical coding practices along with a strong foundation in health information management principles. The CPC exam thus ensures that certified coders are well-equipped to maintain high standards of data quality and integrity in their respective healthcare organizations.

The AAPC CPC (Certified Professional Coder) exam is designed for individuals who are keen to establish or advance their careers in the medical coding field. The ideal candidate for this examination would be someone with a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. They should also have experience or training in coding diagnoses, procedures, and services for patients in a healthcare setting.

Professionals who should consider taking the AAPC CPC exam include health information technicians, medical coders, billing specialists, and other healthcare professionals responsible for ensuring the accuracy of patient records. This certification is highly valued in hospitals, physician's offices, surgery centers, and various other healthcare settings.

The desired knowledge and skills for these roles include proficiency in assigning accurate medical codes for diagnoses, procedures and services performed by physicians and other healthcare providers. Experience in reviewing patient records to verify billed services accurately reflect the care provided is also crucial. These professionals should also demonstrate knowledge of compliance regulations related to medical coding and billing.

Taking the AAPC CPC exam validates an individual's competence in medical coding per industry standards. It signifies readiness to handle responsibilities associated with maintaining patient confidentiality while ensuring accurate billing processes. Earning this certification can open doors to higher-paying job opportunities within the healthcare industry.

  • Strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology
  • Experience or training in coding diagnoses
  • Proficiency in assigning accurate medical codes
  • Knowledge of compliance regulations related to medical coding and billing
The AAPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam is a comprehensive evaluation of medical coding knowledge and skills. The format and duration of the exam are as follows:
  • Type of Questions: The CPC exam consists entirely of multiple-choice questions.
  • Number of Questions: There are a total of 150 questions in the exam. These questions cover 24 areas of focus including anesthesia, radiology, pathology, medicine, etc.
  • Total Exam Duration: Candidates are given 5 hours and 40 minutes to complete the test. Additionally, there is a 5-minute warning before time expires.
The AAPC recommends that candidates spend no more than two minutes on each question. The questions are designed to test the candidate's practical application of coding knowledge, so it's important to have both theoretical understanding and practical experience in medical coding. Remember that this is an open-book exam, so you can use your coding manual during the test. It's worth noting that for online exams, examinees must have a webcam as they will be procted virtually through ProctorU. For in-person exams, all personal belongings except for coding books are prohibited in the examination room. All these details align with the official information provided by AAPC on their website.
The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examination has certain prerequisites that need to be met by the candidates before they can sit for the exam.
  1. Education: The AAPC recommends that candidates have an associate degree, but it is not a mandatory requirement. Knowledge in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pathology and disease processes, pharmacology drug names, and coding systems are strongly recommended.
  2. Coding Experience: Although it's not a strict requirement, having prior experience in medical coding can be extremely beneficial. The AAPC suggests that candidates should have at least two years of work experience in coding but if you don't have this experience, you can still take the exam and earn a CPC-A (apprentice) credential.
  3. Membership: Candidates must be a member of AAPC to take the CPC exam. You're required to maintain your membership with the AAPC to keep your certification valid.
  4. Training Course: It's recommended but not required that candidates complete an AAPC training course or another equivalent course of study.
Candidates are also advised to buy and familiarize themselves with the CPT®, ICD-10-CM,and HCPCS Level II code books as these are used extensively in the examination itself. Please consult the official AAPC website for any changes or updates in these prerequisites before scheduling your examination.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) has a specific retake policy for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. According to this policy, candidates who do not pass the exam on their first attempt are allowed to retake it. However, they must wait for a period of time before they can do so.

  • Firstly, there is no limit on the number of times a candidate can retake the CPC exam until they pass. However, each attempt at the exam requires a separate fee.
  • Secondly, if a candidate fails the exam, they must wait until they receive their official results before scheduling a retake. This typically takes 5-10 business days after taking the exam.
  • Thirdly, there is no required waiting period between attempts apart from waiting for your results. Once you receive your results and if you have failed, you can schedule your next attempt immediately.
  • Lastly, as per cost associated with retakes: AAPC members are required to pay $399 for every retake and non-members have to pay $499. It's important to note that these prices are subject to change and it's always best to check AAPC’s official website for most accurate and current pricing information.

In conclusion, while AAPC allows multiple attempts at passing the CPC Exam there are costs associated with each try and candidates must wait for their official results before scheduling another attempt.

The CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification, granted by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders), is valid for one calendar year from the date it was conferred. This means if you earn your certification on July 1, 2022, it will remain valid until December 31, 2023. To maintain this certification, professionals must complete and submit a minimum of 36 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years. The process to renew the CPC certification involves:

  • 1. Earning CEUs through various activities approved by the AAPC such as webinars, workshops, or online courses.
  • 2. Keeping track of these CEUs and submitting them to the AAPC before your renewal deadline.
  • 3. Paying an annual membership fee to the AAPC.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in revocation of the certification. It's important to note that half of the required CEUs must be earned in the year they are due while others can be carried over from the previous year. The aim is to ensure CPCs stay updated with changes in coding practices and healthcare regulations. In summary, while a CPC certification has a validity period of one calendar year from its issuance date, maintaining it requires ongoing professional development and adherence to AAPC's renewal policies.

ExamTrack is a highly recommended resource for those preparing for the AAPC CPC exam. It provides a comprehensive and dependable study guide that covers all essential areas of the test. The guide is designed to be easy to understand, making it an excellent tool for both beginners and those who need a refresher. One of the unique features of ExamTrack's study materials is their Simple and Informative AAPC CPC questions and answers. These are carefully curated to reflect the actual exam, enabling students to familiarize themselves with the type of questions they will encounter. This feature also allows students to assess their understanding of the subject matter, giving them a chance to improve on areas where they may be lacking. In addition, ExamTrack provides a testing engine which simulates the actual exam environment. This can significantly help in reducing anxiety and improving confidence during the actual exam day. Moreover, ExamTrack offers its resources in PDF format allowing students to easily access their study materials anytime and anywhere, ensuring flexibility and convenience. To sum up, using ExamTrack's resources can greatly benefit those preparing for the AAPC CPC exam due to its comprehensive coverage, easy-to-understand format, realistic practice questions, and convenient accessibility. Here are some steps on how you can utilize these resources:

  • 1. Purchase your preferred study material from
  • 2. Familiarize yourself with the content of your purchased material.
  • 3. Regularly answer practice questions provided by Examstrack.
  • 4. Utilize Examstrack's testing engine for simulated exams.
  • 5. Continuously review areas where improvement is needed based on your performance in practice tests.

By following these steps with dedication and consistency, success in your AAPC CPC exam is within reach.

The amount of time required to study for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam can vary greatly depending on several factors. These factors include your prior knowledge and experience in the field, your individual study pace, and how thoroughly you wish to prepare for the exam.

If you're starting with a solid foundation of coding knowledge, you might need less time to prepare compared to someone who is relatively new to the subject. Similarly, if you are able to dedicate several hours each day to studying, you may be able to prepare in a shorter timeframe than someone who can only spare an hour or two.

Generally speaking, it's recommended that candidates spend anywhere from two to three months preparing for the CPC exam. This allows ample time to review all relevant materials and practice coding scenarios without feeling overly rushed. However, this is just a guideline and some individuals may require more or less time based on their personal circumstances.

It's important that you tailor your study schedule according to your own needs and learning pace. Remember that understanding the material thoroughly is more important than speed. It's better to take a little extra time if it means being fully prepared when exam day arrives.

  • Assess your current level of coding knowledge and experience
  • Determine how much daily/weekly study time you can realistically commit
  • Create a study schedule that suits your needs and stick to it
  • Take regular breaks during study sessions to avoid burnout
  • Utilize various resources such as textbooks, online courses, and practice exams

In conclusion, while there is no definitive answer as every individual's situation will differ slightly, dedicating consistent effort over a period of several weeks or months should put most candidates in good stead for passing the CPC exam.

ExamTrack is a highly beneficial tool for those preparing for the AAPC CPC exams. It offers a structured and comprehensive approach to studying, making it easier for candidates to grasp complex medical coding concepts. One of the primary advantages of using ExamTrack is its simple and informative AAPC CPC Exams Material. This material provides clear learning objectives, thus enabling candidates to understand what they need to know before taking the exam. The content is also organized in an easy-to-follow manner with multiple choice questions answers that mimic the actual exam format. This feature not only helps in understanding and retaining information but also aids in efficient time management during exam preparation. Additionally, ExamTrack offers free demos for AAPC CPC tests which allows candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and difficulty level of the actual exam. These demos provide a practical experience which can significantly reduce anxiety and boost confidence on the day of the test. Lastly, ExamTrack guarantees success in AAPC CPC Certification Exams. With its well-designed study materials, practice tests, and expert guidance, it ensures that every candidate is thoroughly prepared to pass their certification exams on their first attempt. In conclusion, ExamTrack is an excellent resource for candidates aiming to excel in their AAPC CPC exams. Its structured approach simplifies learning process while boosting chances of success. Here are some key benefits:

  • Simple and Informative Study Material: Clear learning objectives and organized content make studying more effective.
  • Free Demos: Candidates can get used to the exam format thereby reducing test anxiety.
  • Promised Success: Comprehensive preparation resources ensure success in certification exams.
To enroll in the AAPC CPC exam course at, follow the steps below:
  1. Visit the official website of
  2. On the homepage, navigate to the 'Courses' section and look for the 'AAPC CPC' course.
  3. Once you have found the course, click on it to view more details. Here you will find a detailed description of what is included in the course, such as high-quality Dumps Questions Answers.
  4. Examstrack provides two formats for their courses: PDF and Testing Engine. Choose which format suits your learning style best. If you prefer a physical copy that you can highlight and make notes on, choose PDF. If you prefer an interactive online experience with real-time feedback, choose Testing Engine.
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  6. You will then be redirected to a checkout page where you can review your order before finalizing it. Here you need to select your preferred payment method and complete all necessary information fields.
  7. Complete the checkout process by confirming your payment. Once this is done, you are successfully enrolled in the AAPC CPC exam course at
Remember that enrolling in this course gives you access to high-quality study materials that have been curated by experts in the field, increasing your chances of passing the AAPC CPC exam.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues related to, there are multiple ways for you to reach out to their customer support team. They are committed to providing prompt and effective assistance to ensure your experience with them is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

  • Email Support: You can email them at Whether it's a technical issue, a question about one of their products or services, or feedback you'd like to share, feel free to send them an email anytime. They strive to respond promptly and address your concerns effectively.
  • Live Chat: Another convenient way of contacting is through their live chat feature. This option allows you to communicate in real-time with a member of their support team. It's particularly helpful if you need immediate assistance or if your concern requires interactive troubleshooting.

No matter which method you choose, rest assured that the team will do its best to assist you and resolve any issues that may arise during your use of their platform.

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CPC Overview

AAPC CPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Exam Overview
Aspect Description
Certification Name Certified Professional Coder (CPC)
Target Audience Individuals seeking to validate their skills in medical coding for physician-based settings
Level Associate
Prerequisites A combination of relevant education and experience, as defined by the AAPC [link aapc cpc ON]
Exam Format Computer-based, multiple-choice questions
Number of Questions 250
Time Limit 5 hours
Passing Score Not publicly disclosed (typically around 70%)
Cost Varies depending on AAPC membership status and exam location
Renewal Every 2 years

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Total Questions:
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