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VMware 5V0-93.22 Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: 5V0-93.22
Exam Name: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills
Last Update: Jun 14, 2024
60 Questions Answers with Explanation Detail
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VMware 5V0-93.22 Exam Dumps FAQs

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills Exam Domains

Main Domains Covered in the VMware 5V0-93.22 Exam:

  • Architecture and Components
    • Understanding of the VMware Carbon Black Cloud structure, including its components and architecture. This domain focuses on how the system is designed and operates within an IT environment.
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Covers the initial setup, including installing agents on endpoints, configuring policies for protection, and ensuring proper communication between the endpoints and the cloud. It's crucial for effective deployment and operational readiness.
  • Management and Operation
    • This area assesses skills in managing daily operations, such as monitoring alerts, managing incidents, and using the dashboard for threat hunting. It emphasizes operational efficiency and response capabilities.
  • Threat Hunting and Remediation
    • Focused on identifying active threats within an environment using Carbon Black’s tools, analyzing threat behavior, and effectively remediating those threats. It underscores the proactive aspect of cybersecurity defense.
  • Policies and Rules
    • This domain addresses creating, implementing, and managing security policies and rules that govern how the software detects and responds to threats. It's key to customizing protection levels based on organizational needs.

The VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam domains collectively ensure that candidates have a comprehensive understanding of deploying, managing, operating, and utilizing VMware Carbon Black Cloud to protect against cybersecurity threats effectively.

The VMware 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam is designed for professionals aiming to demonstrate their expertise in endpoint security using VMware's Carbon Black Cloud platform. Ideal candidates include IT security professionals, system administrators, and network engineers who already have foundational knowledge in cybersecurity practices and are looking to specialize in endpoint protection.

This certification is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to enter or advance in the cybersecurity field, where demand for skilled endpoint security specialists continues to grow. It validates a candidate's ability to configure, manage, and respond to threats using the VMware Carbon Black Cloud platform, making them valuable assets in any IT security team.

  • Relevant Job Roles: Cybersecurity Analysts, Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts, Incident Responders, and Endpoint Security Specialists.
  • Industry Segments: Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Government Agencies, Retail, and any other sectors that prioritize data protection and compliance.
  • Desired Knowledge and Skills: Candidates should possess a good understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals, experience with network security protocols, familiarity with operating systems like Windows and Linux, and basic knowledge of cloud technologies.
  • Competence Validation: Passing the 5V0-93.22 exam signifies that an individual is proficient in leveraging VMware Carbon Black Cloud solutions to protect endpoints against cyber threats effectively.

This certification opens doors to career advancement by demonstrating an individual’s commitment to staying current with cybersecurity trends and their capability in managing sophisticated security tools.

VMware 5V0-93.22 Exam Format and Duration

VMware 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills Exam Format and Duration

  • Exam Code: 5V0-93.22
  • Format:
    • Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored
  • Number of Questions: 60 questions
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Languages: English
  • Candidate Level: Professional

Note: The information provided is based on the latest official exam details from VMware.

  • Professional Experience: Candidates should have practical experience with the VMware Carbon Black Cloud platform, including setting up and configuring the environment.
  • Training Courses: Although not strictly required, VMware recommends that candidates complete the VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard course or possess equivalent knowledge through hands-on experience.
  • Familiarity with Product Documentation: Understanding of the official VMware Carbon Black Cloud documentation is beneficial for exam preparation.
  • Understanding of Security Concepts: A solid grasp of general security concepts and best practices is advisable to understand the context in which VMware Carbon Black Cloud operates.

The retake policy for the VMware 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam is designed to provide candidates with multiple opportunities to pass, while maintaining the integrity of the certification process. Here are the key points:

  • First Attempt: Candidates can register and take their first attempt at any scheduled time.
  • Second Attempt: If a candidate does not pass on their first attempt, they must wait a minimum of seven calendar days before retaking the exam.
  • Subsequent Attempts: For attempts beyond the second, candidates are required to wait a period of 14 calendar days between each retake.
  • Attempt Limitation: There is no annual limit on the number of attempts; however, each attempt incurs the full examination fee.

This policy ensures that candidates have adequate time to improve their knowledge and skills before attempting the exam again. It's important for candidates to review their preparation strategies and resources during these waiting periods to increase their chances of success in subsequent attempts.

The 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills 2023 certification is valid for two years after the successful completion of the exam. To maintain the certification, one must:

  1. Stay current with VMware product updates and technology changes.
  2. Retake and pass the exam or a higher-level exam before the two-year certification validity period ends.
  3. Alternatively, fulfill continuing education requirements if offered by VMware to extend the certification's validity without retaking the exam.

It is important to check with VMware for any updates on renewal policies as they may change over time.

For those preparing for the 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam, Examstrack offers an array of indispensable study materials designed to enhance your learning experience and ensure exam success. Below are the top recommended resources from Examstrack:

  1. Examstrack Study Guides: These comprehensive guides provide in-depth coverage of all exam topics, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of what to expect on test day. The clarity and detail in these guides make complex concepts easier to grasp.
  2. Examstrack 5V0-93.22 Practice Question Banks: Practice is key to mastering any exam. With a vast collection of realistic exam questions, these question banks simulate the actual exam environment, allowing you to test your knowledge and identify areas needing improvement.
  3. Examstrack PDF Resources: For those who prefer studying offline or need a portable option, Examstrack's PDFs are perfect. They allow you to study anytime, anywhere, without internet access.
  4. Examstrack Testing Engine: This unique tool offers a simulated exam experience that’s invaluable for building confidence and time management skills before the actual test day.

The combination of Examstrack's study guides, practice question banks, PDF resources, and testing engine provides a comprehensive toolkit for tackling the 5V0-93.22 exam confidently. Each resource has been meticulously crafted to offer not just information but an engaging learning experience that caters to various study preferences and schedules.

The time dedicated to studying for the 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam significantly depends on your prior knowledge, study pace, and desired level of preparedness. For those with a strong background in VMware solutions and familiarity with Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard, a shorter preparation time may be sufficient. Conversely, individuals new to these technologies might require more extensive study.

As a general guideline:

  • Individuals with considerable experience in the field might find that 40-60 hours of study is adequate.
  • Those with moderate experience or familiarity might benefit from dedicating 60-80 hours.
  • For beginners or those who prefer a slow and thorough approach, aiming for over 100 hours could be more appropriate.

It's crucial to tailor your study schedule to your personal needs and learning pace. The complexity of the exam and your background knowledge will influence the amount of time required. Adjusting your preparation time based on self-assessment and practice exam performance can also ensure you are adequately prepared for the 5V0-93.22 exam.

Utilizing ExamTrack for the 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam offers several specific benefits that cater to the needs of candidates aiming for certification:

  • Structured Learning Material: The simplicity and informativeness of ExamTrack's material ensure that learners have a clear understanding of the curriculum. This structured approach helps in organizing study sessions more effectively, leading to better comprehension and retention of information.
  • Efficient Preparation: With organized multiple-choice questions and answers, candidates can practice efficiently, focusing on areas where they need improvement. This targeted preparation method enhances learning outcomes and boosts confidence.
  • Time Management: The well-organized content allows candidates to manage their study time more effectively. By knowing what to focus on, learners can allocate their time wisely between different topics, ensuring comprehensive coverage before the exam.
  • Free Demos: Access to free demos enables candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and structure of the exam beforehand. This preparation ensures there are no surprises on exam day, reducing anxiety and improving performance.
  • Promised Success: With a focus on success, ExamTrack's materials are designed to cover all necessary topics thoroughly. This comprehensive coverage significantly increases the likelihood of passing the VMware 5V0-93.22 Certification Exams on the first attempt.

To enroll in the VMware 5V0-93.22 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills exam course at, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to the section dedicated to the 5V0-93.22 exam.
  3. Review the available materials, including high-quality Dumps Questions Answers, and decide whether you want the PDF version, Testing Engine, or both.
  4. Click on the "Add to cart" button for your desired package: Testing Engine (only), PDF (only), or PDF + Testing Engine.
  5. You will be directed to your shopping cart where you can review your order.
  6. Proceed by choosing your preferred payment method.
  7. Complete the checkout process by providing necessary billing information and confirming your purchase.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive access to the course materials so you can start preparing for your certification exam.


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5V0-93.22 Overview

Aspect Details
Exam Name VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Skills
Certification VMware Certified Associate - Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard 2024
Target Audience IT professionals who want to validate their ability to use VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard for endpoint protection
Number of Questions 60
Exam Duration 105 Minutes
Exam Structure Likely a combination of question formats, including:
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Scenario-Based Questions (possible)
Content Assessed Knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard. This may include:
  • Understanding the architecture and core functionalities of VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard
  • Deploying and configuring Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard agents
  • Creating and managing endpoint protection policies
  • Monitoring and investigating endpoint security threats
  • Implementing threat prevention and detection mechanisms
  • Responding to security incidents and taking corrective actions
  • Understanding best practices for endpoint security with Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard

5V0-93.22 Q&A's Detail

Exam Code:
Total Questions:
60 Q&A's
Single Choice Questions:
57 Q&A's
Multiple Choice Questions:
3 Q&A's

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