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Oracle 1z0-900 Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: 1z0-900
Exam Name: Java EE 7 Application Developer
Last Update: May 19, 2024
142 Questions
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Oracle 1z0-900 Exam Dumps FAQs

The Oracle 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam is a certification test designed to assess the skills and knowledge of IT professionals in developing applications using Java Enterprise Edition 7 technologies. This exam is targeted towards experienced Java developers who are familiar with the features, functionalities, and best practices of Java EE 7. The purpose of the Oracle 1z0-900 exam is to validate the expertise of developers in creating robust, scalable enterprise applications. Key skills assessed in this exam include:
  • Understanding Java EE Architecture
  • Managing Persistence using JPA entities and Bean Validation
  • Implementing business logic using EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans)
  • Creating web-based user interfaces using JSF (JavaServer Faces)
  • Building RESTful and SOAP web services
  • Enhancing application security
  • Using CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) for producers and events
Successful candidates demonstrate their proficiency in utilizing Java EE 7 technology to develop applications that are secure, efficient, and scalable. This certification serves as a benchmark for employers to recognize qualified professionals in the field of Java development.

Earning the 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer Java EE and Web Services certification offers a multitude of career benefits that can significantly enhance your professional trajectory. Here are some key advantages:

  • Increased Salary Potential: Certification often leads to higher salary opportunities. According to industry surveys, certified professionals can earn up to 20% more than their non-certified peers.
  • Expanded Job Opportunities: Holding a specialized certification like the 1z0-900 makes you eligible for a wider range of job roles in the technology sector, including positions that specifically require expertise in Java EE and Web Services.
  • Career Advancement: This certification is recognized globally and showcases your commitment to professional development. It can significantly boost your chances for promotions and leadership roles within IT departments.
  • Professional Credibility: Achieving this certification demonstrates your proficiency in Java EE 7 Application Development, enhancing your credibility among peers and employers alike.

The benefits of obtaining the 1z0-900 certification align with the aspirations of professionals looking to solidify their expertise in Java technologies, aiming for higher earning potential, job security, and advancement in their careers.

Oracle 1z0-900 Exam Format and Duration

Oracle 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer Exam Format and Duration

  • Exam Type: The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, which may include single or multiple correct answers.
  • Number of Questions: The exam contains approximately 70 questions.
  • Total Exam Duration: Candidates are given a total of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) to complete the exam.

Note: Oracle's certification exams are subject to change in format and content without prior notice. Always refer to the official Oracle Certification website for the most current details.

  • Educational Background: There is no formal educational requirement. However, a background in computer science or related fields can be beneficial.
  • Prior Certification: Oracle does not mandate any prior certifications to take the 1z0-900 exam. Candidates from various backgrounds are welcome to attempt the exam.
  • Work Experience: While not explicitly required, practical experience with Java EE 7 technologies will significantly aid in understanding the concepts and performing well on the exam. Oracle suggests that candidates have experience working with Java, particularly in a project or job environment where Java EE 7 technologies are applied.
  • Training Courses: Oracle offers optional training courses that cover the material on the exam. These courses can be beneficial for those new to Java EE 7 or looking to fill gaps in their knowledge.

The Oracle 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam has a fee structure that varies by location, but generally, the cost is approximately $245 USD. This fee is for a single attempt at the exam.

  • Exam Fee: Approximately $245 USD
  • Additional Costs: It's important for candidates to consider potential additional costs such as study materials or courses, which are not included in the exam fee. Also, if a retake is necessary, the full exam fee must be paid again.

Note that prices can vary based on geographical location and are subject to change. Candidates are encouraged to check the official Oracle website or contact Oracle directly for the most current pricing information.

The 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer Java EE and Web Services certification remains valid indefinitely after successful completion of the exam. Unlike some certifications that require periodic renewal or continuing education to maintain their status, this particular certification does not have an expiration date. Once earned, it signifies a professional's expertise in Java EE 7 technology for an unlimited period.

  • There are no renewal requirements for maintaining the validity of the 1z0-900 certification.
  • Certification holders do not need to undergo any process to keep their certification active.

This approach allows professionals to focus on advancing their skills further without worrying about re-certification deadlines.

Oracle 1z0-900 Exam Preparation Guide

How to Prepare for the Oracle 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer Exam

Successfully preparing for the Oracle 1z0-900 exam requires a focused approach and the right resources. Here's how you can gear up for this certification:

  1. Understand the Exam Syllabus: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the exam objectives and syllabus on the official Oracle website. Knowing what topics are covered will help you focus your studies effectively.
  2. Utilize ExamTrack Resources: For high-quality study materials, visit They offer an extensive collection of real questions and answers for the 1z0-900 exam, available in both PDF and Testing Engine formats. These resources are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of all exam topics.
  3. Create a Study Plan: With ExamTrack's materials, outline a study plan that covers all topics thoroughly. Allocate more time to areas where you feel less confident.
  4. Practice Regularly: Use ExamTrack's Testing Engine to take practice tests regularly. This will help you assess your knowledge, understand the exam format better, and improve your time management skills.
  5. Analyze Your Performance: After each practice test, analyze your results to identify weak areas. Revisit those topics in the ExamTrack resources until you feel comfortable with them.
  6. Maintain Consistency: Consistent study and practice are key to success. Make sure to stick to your study plan and regularly test your knowledge using ExamTrack's tools.
  7. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on any updates related to the 1z0-900 exam on both Oracle’s official site and Being aware of any changes can be crucial for your preparation.

In conclusion, leveraging’s resources for the Oracle 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam offers a strategic advantage in your preparation journey. Their high-quality questions and answers are essential tools that can significantly enhance your understanding of the subject matter and boost your confidence in passing the exam.

The recommended study time for the 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam significantly depends on your current level of expertise and familiarity with Java EE 7 technologies. For individuals with a solid foundation in Java and hands-on experience with Java EE, dedicating around 80 to 100 hours of focused study might suffice. Conversely, those new to the platform or with limited exposure might need upwards of 150 to 200 hours.

  • Assess your current understanding of Java EE 7 concepts and practical application.
  • Factor in your learning pace; some may grasp concepts quickly, while others may need more time to digest the material thoroughly.
  • Consider your daily obligations; a balanced schedule that doesn't lead to burnout is crucial for effective learning.

Remember, these are general guidelines. The key is to create a personalized study plan that aligns with your knowledge level, learning speed, and life commitments. Ensuring you're well-prepared requires adapting the study time to fit your unique situation rather than adhering strictly to generic recommendations.

Choosing ExamTrack for your 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam preparation comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, the study material is meticulously structured to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all exam topics. This structured learning approach facilitates an efficient and effective study process.

  • Guidance from experienced instructors ensures that learners receive insights and strategies from professionals who are well-versed in the exam content and format.
  • The compiled exam material is up-to-date, reflecting the latest requirements of the 1z0-900 exam, which means learners are studying the most current information.
  • Access to real question answers allows students to experience the actual exam scenario, making them more comfortable and prepared when it comes time to take the test.

Furthermore, the availability of both PDF materials and a Testing Engine provides a versatile learning experience tailored to each student's preferences, whether they enjoy traditional learning methods or wish to simulate the exam environment. Overall, these features combine to create a robust preparation tool for anyone aiming to succeed in their 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer certification.

To enroll in the Oracle 1z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam course at, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to the section dedicated to the 1z0-900 exam.
  3. Review the available materials, including high-quality Dumps Questions Answers, and decide whether you want the PDF version, Testing Engine, or both.
  4. Click on the "Add to cart" button for your desired package: Testing Engine (only), PDF (only), or PDF + Testing Engine.
  5. You will be directed to your shopping cart where you can review your order.
  6. Proceed by choosing your preferred payment method.
  7. Complete the checkout process by providing necessary billing information and confirming your purchase.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive access to the course materials so you can start preparing for your certification exam.

To obtain a free trial of the 1z0-900 exam material from ExamTrack, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the ExamTrack website.
  2. Navigate to the 'Certifications' section or use the search bar to find the 1z0-900 exam study guide.
  3. Look for options such as 'Free Demo' or 'Try Free' associated with the Oracle exam materials.
  4. Click on the free demo option, which may offer a preview of web-based online questions and a PDF demo.
  5. If prompted, provide your email address or sign up to access the free materials.
  6. Review the sample questions and content provided in the free trial.

Keep in mind that while ExamTrack offers dependable study guides, accessing a full set of materials may require purchase. The free trial is an excellent way to evaluate the quality and relevance of their resources before making an investment. Make sure to take advantage of any web-based online questions and downloadable PDFs that are available for free so you can assess how well they align with your learning style and preparation needs.

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1z0-900 Overview

Exam Attribute Value
Exam Code 1z0-900
Exam Name Java EE 7 Application Developer
Description This exam assesses your understanding of core Java EE 7 concepts, including web application development with JSPs, servlets, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java Persistence API (JPA), dependency injection, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), web services, and security considerations in Java EE applications.
Exam Structure Value
Number of Questions Approximately 70 (subject to change by Oracle)
Question Format Multiple Choice
Duration 120 minutes
Passing Score 66%

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