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Oracle 1z0-1077-23 Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: 1z0-1077-23
Exam Name: Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional
Last Update: Jun 24, 2024
152 Questions Answers with Explanation Detail
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Oracle 1z0-1077-23 Exam Dumps FAQs

Oracle Order Management Cloud 1z0-1077-23 Exam Domains

Main Domains Covered in the Oracle Order Management Cloud 1z0-1077-23 Exam:

  • Order to Cash Process: This domain focuses on the end-to-end order to cash process, including order capture and fulfillment. It covers key concepts like managing orders, pricing, global order promising, and orchestration of the order to cash cycle.
  • Product Data Hub: Candidates are assessed on their understanding of how to manage product information in Oracle Cloud. This includes topics such as product creation, synchronization, and data quality management.
  • Order Orchestration: This area evaluates knowledge on order processing and orchestration strategies. It involves setting up rules for processing orders through different phases and using orchestration processes to fulfill orders efficiently.
  • Pricing: Knowledge of pricing strategies within Oracle Order Management Cloud is tested here. Topics include price lists, discounting strategies, shipping charges, and tax calculations essential for accurate order pricing.
  • Shipping: This domain covers the configuration and execution of shipping processes. Candidates must understand how to manage shipping methods, integrate with carriers, and handle customer delivery preferences.
  • Global Order Promising (GOP): Focuses on the ability to promise orders based on global inventory levels. It includes understanding how to configure GOP rules and use them for making accurate delivery promises to customers.
  • Reporting and Analytics for Order Management: Tests candidates' skills in leveraging analytics tools within Oracle Order Management Cloud for reporting purposes. It encompasses creating reports/dashboards that provide insights into the order-to-cash process performance.
  • Innovation Management: This domain assesses knowledge on managing innovation within the context of order management. It includes understanding how to leverage cloud solutions for enhancing business processes related to orders.

The domains covered in this exam are crucial for professionals looking to implement Oracle Order Management solutions effectively within an organization. Each domain represents a core component of the Oracle Order Management system that enables businesses to streamline their order-to-cash processes efficiently.

The ideal candidate for the Oracle 1z0-1077-23 Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional exam is a professional seeking to validate their expertise and advance their career in the field of cloud-based order management systems. Individuals with experience in order management, supply chain operations, or ERP systems would find this certification particularly beneficial. The exam is designed for those aiming to demonstrate their ability to implement and manage Oracle Order Management Cloud solutions effectively.

Relevant job roles include:

  • Order Management Specialists
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • ERP Consultants
  • Implementation Consultants

Candidates should possess:

  • A solid understanding of order-to-cash processes
  • Experience with Oracle Cloud applications or similar ERP systems
  • A knack for solving complex business problems through technology

This certification asserts an individual's competence in leveraging Oracle Order Management Cloud to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. It serves as a benchmark for professionals aspiring to lead in the digital transformation journeys of their organizations.

Oracle 1z0-1077-23 Exam Format and Duration

Oracle 1z0-1077-23 Exam Format and Duration

  • Exam Name: Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional
  • Exam Code: 1z0-1077-23
  • Type of Questions: Multiple Choice (single and multiple answers), Matching, and Drag-and-drop
  • Number of Questions: Approximately 55 to 65 questions
  • Total Exam Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Passing Score: Varies by exam, typically around 60% to 65%
  • Languages Available: English

Note: Candidates are advised to check the official Oracle website for any updates or changes in the exam format or other details before scheduling their exam.

  • Educational Qualifications: There are no strict educational requirements mentioned by Oracle for the 1z0-1077-23 exam. However, a background in computer science or related fields may be beneficial.
  • Work Experience: Oracle recommends that candidates have experience working with Oracle Order Management Cloud and familiarity with its deployment in an enterprise environment. Practical experience in implementing Order to Cash solutions is highly recommended.
  • Prior Certifications: While not explicitly required, having certifications in related Oracle Cloud services or understanding of cloud computing principles could enhance your understanding and preparation for the exam.
  • Training Courses: Although not mandatory, completing the recommended training courses offered by Oracle University can significantly increase your chances of passing. These courses cover the key functionalities and best practices for using Oracle Order Management Cloud.

The Oracle 1z0-1077-23 Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional exam has a specific retake policy designed to give candidates enough time to prepare before attempting the exam again. Here's a summary of the key points:

  • First Retake: If you don't pass the exam on your first try, you must wait for 14 days before retaking it.
  • Subsequent Attempts: After the second attempt, there's no mandatory waiting period, but each attempt incurs the full examination fee.
  • Limited Attempts: There is no explicit limit on the number of times you can retake the exam within a year. However, each attempt requires payment of the examination fee.

Note that these policies are subject to change, so it's recommended to check Oracle's official certification website for the most current information regarding exam retakes and associated costs.

The 1z0-1077-23 Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional certification is valid for a lifetime once you successfully pass the exam. Unlike some other certifications that require periodic updates or renewals, this particular designation does not expire. Therefore, once you achieve it, you hold the credential indefinitely without needing to undergo renewal processes.

However, it's important to stay informed about any changes in Oracle's certification policies or advancements in technology that might warrant voluntary recertification or further learning to keep your skills current.

For those preparing for the 1z0-1077-23 Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional exam, Examstrack offers a comprehensive suite of study materials specifically designed to enhance understanding and ensure success. The resources provided by Examstrack are tailored to cover every aspect of the exam syllabus, making them an invaluable tool for candidates.

  • PDF Study Guides: Examstrack provides detailed study guides in PDF format that are easy to follow and convenient for studying on-the-go. These guides cover all the necessary topics and concepts in a clear and concise manner, allowing for quick revision and a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  • Testing Engine: The testing engine offered by Examstrack simulates the actual exam environment, giving candidates a real-time experience of what to expect. This unique feature helps in building confidence and time management skills, crucial for excelling in the actual exam.
  • Practice Question Banks: With Examstrck's extensive question banks, candidates can test their knowledge across various topics. These practice questions are crafted closely to reflect the format and difficulty level of the actual exam questions, providing an effective means of self-assessment.

The combination of these resources from Examstrack not only aids in comprehensive preparation but also significantly boosts the chances of passing the 1z0-1077-23 exam with flying colors. By investing in Examstrack's study materials, students can rest assured that they are receiving top-notch, reliable content that is both simple and informative.

The ideal study time for the 1z0-1077-23 Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional exam varies significantly among individuals, influenced by factors such as prior knowledge in Oracle Cloud solutions, the preferred pace of learning, and the level of expertise one aims to achieve. Generally, a range of 100 to 200 hours is recommended for those with some foundational knowledge in Oracle systems. This estimate serves as a starting point:

  • Evaluate your current knowledge: Begin by assessing your understanding of the exam topics. Those with extensive experience may require less study time.
  • Set realistic goals: Determine what you aim to achieve through certification and set achievable milestones.
  • Customize your study plan: Tailor your schedule according to your daily commitments and learning speed. Some may prefer shorter daily study sessions, while others might opt for longer sessions a few times a week.
  • Adjust as needed: Be prepared to modify your study plan based on progress and comprehension levels.

Remember, quality trumps quantity. Focused and dedicated study periods often yield better results than longer, less productive ones. The complexity of the 1z0-1077-23 exam demands thorough preparation, making it crucial to adapt the study schedule to fit personal needs and ensure comprehensive understanding.

Using ExamTrack for the 1z0-1077-23 Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional exam offers several specific benefits:

  • Structured Learning Material: The platform provides well-organized study materials that cover all necessary topics comprehensively, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  • Clear Learning Objectives: Each section of the study material has clear objectives, helping candidates focus on critical areas, streamline their study process, and efficiently manage their preparation time.
  • Organized Multiple Choice Questions: The inclusion of organized multiple-choice questions enables candidates to practice effectively, familiarize themselves with the exam format, and improve their ability to answer questions accurately under time constraints.
  • Efficient Time Management: With structured materials and practice tests, candidates can better manage their study time, allocating appropriate intervals for each topic based on its complexity and their personal proficiency.
  • Free Demos: Free demos allow candidates to preview the quality of the material and its compatibility with their learning style before making a commitment.
  • Promised Success: ExamTrack’s confidence in its materials is reflected in its promise of success in certification exams, providing an added layer of assurance for candidates.

This comprehensive approach not only prepares candidates for the exam but also instills confidence by systematically covering every aspect of the syllabus through a structured and strategic study plan.

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Regardless of which method you choose, rest assured that the support team is ready to help resolve your issues or answer any questions you may have. They strive to provide timely and effective responses to ensure customer satisfaction.

1z0-1077-23 Ratings & Reviews

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1z0-1077-23 Overview

Exam Attribute Value
Exam Code 1z0-1077-23
Exam Name Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2023 Implementation Professional
Description This exam assesses your knowledge of Oracle Order Management Cloud concepts, including order capture, pricing, configuration, automation, fulfillment processing, integration with other enterprise applications, and managing the order to cash lifecycle.
Exam Structure Value
Number of Questions Approximately 152 (subject to change by Oracle)
Question Format Multiple Choice
Duration 90 minutes

1z0-1077-23 Q&A's Detail

Exam Code:
Total Questions:
152 Q&A's
Single Choice Questions:
95 Q&A's
Multiple Choice Questions:
57 Q&A's

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