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Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: SAFe-RTE
Exam Name: SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE)
Last Update: Jul 19, 2024
214 Questions Answers with Explanation Detail
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Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE Exam Dumps FAQs

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Release Train Engineer (RTE) exam primarily covers five domains. These domains collectively assess a candidate's understanding and ability to apply SAFe principles to facilitate value delivery in an enterprise context.

  • Domain 1: Exploring the RTE Role and Responsibilities: This domain focuses on the role of a RTE in a Lean-Agile transformation. Key topics include facilitating ART processes and execution, escalating impediments, managing risk, driving relentless improvement.
  • Domain 2: Applying SAFe Principles: This domain tests the understanding of four major SAFe principles - Take an economic view, Apply systems thinking, Assume variability; preserve options, Build incrementally with fast integrated learning cycles.
  • Domain 3: Facilitating ART Execution: In this domain, candidates are assessed on their ability to facilitate Program Increment (PI) Planning events, fostering relentless improvement at scale and driving successful program execution.
  • Domain 4: Fostering Relentless Improvement: This domain involves building a high-performing ART by continuously assessing its performance and improving its backlog refinement practices.
  • Domain 5: Servant Leadership and Coaching: The final domain covers servant leadership behaviors and coaching skills necessary for RTEs in order to effectively lead an Agile Release Train (ART).

In summary, these domains provide a comprehensive framework for assessing an individual’s knowledge and skills in applying SAFe principles as a RTE. Each domain plays an essential role within the broader context of the certification by ensuring that RTEs can effectively lead and support large-scale Agile transformations within their organizations.

The Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE exam is designed for individuals who are looking to validate their skills and knowledge in managing and executing large-scale agile projects. This includes professionals such as Program Managers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and IT professionals involved in software development and delivery. The ideal candidate for the SAFe-RTE exam should have considerable experience in software development, project management or program management, preferably within an Agile environment. They should also possess a strong understanding of the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), including Lean-Agile principles, Scrum, Kanban, XP and DevOps. Those who pass the SAFe-RTE exam demonstrate their competence in facilitating and enabling end-to-end value delivery through Agile Release Trains (ARTs). They prove their readiness to build a high-performing ART by becoming servant leaders and coaches. Moreover, RTEs can drive relentless improvement via Inspect & Adapt workshops; they can also foster collaboration with stakeholders, escalate impediments, manage risks, ensure value delivery and help assure strategy alignment. This certification is highly valued across various industry segments that rely on agile methodologies for project management. These include Information Technology (IT), Software Development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Consulting Services among others. Therefore, it is an excellent way for these professionals to advance their careers by demonstrating their expertise in scaling agile practices at enterprise level. 

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • IT Professionals involved in software development and delivery


The Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE (Release Train Engineer) exam is a comprehensive assessment designed to validate the knowledge and skills in leading a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. Here are the specific details about the format and duration of the SAFe-RTE exam:

  • Type of Questions: The exam consists of Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and True/False questions.
  • Number of Questions: There are 60 questions that candidates need to answer.
  • Total Exam Duration: Candidates are given 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete the entire exam.
  • Passing Score: The passing score for the SAFe-RTE exam is 42 out of 60 (70%).
  • Language: The examination is available in English language only.

It's important to note that all candidates must first attend the RTE course before they can sit for this certification exam. This ensures that they have gained adequate knowledge and understanding of how to effectively perform their role as a Release Train Engineer in a SAFe environment.

The Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE exam has several prerequisites that candidates must meet before they are eligible to take the exam. These prerequisites are designed to ensure that candidates have the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively apply SAFe principles in a real-world context.

  • Leading SAFe Certification: Candidates should have attained the Leading SAFe certification, which provides an overview of the Scaled Agile Framework and its underlying principles.
  • Experience: Candidates should have at least one year of experience working in a role where they were responsible for implementing agile projects at scale using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This could include roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Release Train Engineer.
  • Training: Prior to taking the exam, candidates must complete a two-day SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) course offered by a certified Scaled Agile training provider. This course covers topics such as facilitating and enabling end-to-end value delivery through ARTs (Agile Release Trains), building a high-performing ART by becoming a servant leader and coach, and planning and executing a Program Increment (PI).
  • Understanding of Agile Principles: An understanding of Agile principles is essential for any candidate planning on taking this exam. They should be familiar with Scrum, Kanban, Lean thinking, systems thinking, product development flow, DevOps, Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP), etc.
  • Solid Knowledge of SAFe Practices: A comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework including roles & responsibilities within an ART, PI Planning process & execution, Inspect & Adapt workshops etc., is crucial.

These prerequisites ensure that only those with sufficient knowledge and practical experience can take up this advanced-level certification exam.

The Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE exam has a specific retake policy in place to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the certification. According to this policy, if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you are allowed to retake it after a waiting period of 10 days. This waiting period applies for both the second and third attempts.

However, if you are unable to clear the exam even on your third attempt, you will need to wait for a longer duration before your next try. Specifically, there is a 30-day waiting period after the third attempt. This same 30-day waiting rule also applies for any subsequent attempts beyond the third one.

In terms of costs, the first exam attempt is included as part of your course registration fee provided that you take it within 30 days of course completion. However, each retake attempt comes with an associated cost - $50 for each retry.

Please note that these rules are subject to change as per Scaled Agile's discretion and it's always best practice to refer back to their official guidelines on their website.

  • First Attempt: Included in course registration fee (if taken within 30 days).
  • Retake Attempt: $50 fee applies.
  • Second & Third Attempts: Allowed after a 10-day waiting period.
  • Fourth Attempt onwards: Allowed after a 30-day waiting period.

The SAFe-RTE (Scaled Agile Framework Release Train Engineer) certification is valid for one year from the date of issue. This means that certified professionals must renew their certification annually to maintain their status and benefits associated with the certification. The renewal process involves a fee of $295, which is required every year to keep the certification active. In addition to the renewal fee, it's also important for SAFe-RTE certified individuals to stay updated with the latest trends and changes in the Scaled Agile Framework. This can be achieved through continuous learning and professional development activities such as attending webinars, workshops, or training sessions related to SAFe practices. It's worth noting that failing to renew the certification within the validity period will result in losing all the benefits and recognition associated with being a SAFe-RTE certified professional. Therefore, it's crucial for individuals holding this certification to remember their renewal dates and complete all necessary requirements on time.

  • Validity Period: 1 Year from date of issue
  • Renewal Fee: $295 annually
  • Professional Development: Continuous learning recommended is a highly recommended platform for SAFe-RTE study materials. It provides a comprehensive and well-structured Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE Dependable Study Guide that covers all the necessary topics in depth. The guide is designed to simplify complex concepts, making them easy to understand even for beginners. It provides a detailed explanation of each concept, ensuring that you grasp the underlying principles and how they apply in real-world situations. In addition to the study guide, Examstrack also offers Simple and Informative Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE Questions and Answers. These are designed to simulate the actual exam questions, helping you get familiar with the exam pattern and boosting your confidence. This resource is particularly beneficial as it allows you to test your knowledge and identify areas where you need further study. Another valuable resource from Examstrack is the Testing Engine. This interactive tool allows you to take practice tests under conditions similar to those of the actual exam. It provides instant feedback on your performance, enabling you to track your progress and focus on areas that need improvement. Lastly, Examstrack offers PDF versions of their study materials which can be easily accessed on any device at any time, providing flexibility for studying on-the-go.

  • Examstrack SAFe-RTE Study Guide: Comprehensive coverage of topics with detailed explanations.
  • Examstrack SAFe-RTE Q&A: Simulates actual exam questions, aiding in preparation.
  • Testing Engine: Interactive tool for practice tests with instant feedback.
  • PDF Version: Portable format for flexible studying.
  • These resources from Examstrack provide an efficient and effective way to prepare for the SAFe-RTE exam. They cater to different learning styles and preferences, making them suitable for everyone regardless of their background or level of experience.

The time you should dedicate to studying for the SAFe-RTE exam can vary greatly depending on your prior knowledge, study pace, and how prepared you want to feel. If you have a strong background in Agile methodologies and principles, you might require less time than someone who is new to these concepts. As a general guideline, it's advisable to allocate anywhere between 60-120 hours of study time for this exam. This allows adequate time for understanding the course material, revising key concepts, and taking practice tests. This range accounts for the complexity of the exam and caters to both individuals with extensive experience in the field and those who are relatively new. However, it's important to remember that everyone has unique learning styles and paces. It's crucial that you tailor your study schedule according to your personal needs. If you're someone who likes to take their time with learning new materials, plan accordingly so that you don't rush through topics. In conclusion, while there is a general recommended range of study hours, ultimately the amount of time needed will depend on individual circumstances such as previous experience and familiarity with Agile principles.

  1. Assess your current knowledge level on Agile methodologies.
  2. Plan your study schedule keeping in mind a range of 60-120 hours.
  3. Adjust this timeline based on your personal learning pace.
  4. Allocate more time if necessary for complex topics or areas where you lack familiarity.

Remember that thorough preparation is key in successfully passing the SAFe-RTE exam.

ExamTrack provides a comprehensive platform for the preparation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Release Train Engineer (RTE) exam. The specific benefits of using ExamTrack for the SAFe-RTE exam are manifold.

  • Firstly, it offers simple and informative SAFe-RTE exam material which is structured in an organized manner. This helps in clear understanding of the concepts and principles of SAFe and RTE, enabling candidates to have a firm grasp over the subject matter.
  • Secondly, ExamTrack provides free demos for SAFe-RTE tests. These demos give candidates an idea about the type and format of questions that can be expected in the actual examination. It aids in familiarizing with the exam pattern and reducing anxiety related to unknown variables.
  • Thirdly, ExamTrack promises success in SAFe-RTE certification exams. The materials provided are curated by experts keeping in mind the latest trends and updates in SAFe methodologies. This ensures that candidates are well-prepared for all possible questions.
  • Apart from these, ExamTrack also enables efficient time management during exam preparation. Each topic is divided into manageable chunks allowing candidates to plan their study schedule effectively without feeling overwhelmed.
  • In summary, ExamTrack acts as a one-stop destination for all your SAFe-RTE exam needs - providing detailed study material, practice tests with real-time scenarios, expert guidance and strategies for successful completion of certification exams.

To enroll in the Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE exam course at, you need to follow a series of simple steps. First, visit the website and search for the Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE exam course in the search bar or navigate through the categories until you find it.

Once you have found the desired course, offers three different options for purchasing: Testing Engine only, PDF only, or both PDF and Testing Engine. Choose the package that best suits your needs by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button next to it.

  • Testing Engine provides a simulated testing experience with customizable testing features.
  • The PDF option provides high-quality Dumps Questions Answers in an easily accessible format.
  • The combination of PDF and Testing Engine offers comprehensive preparation resources for your exam.

After selecting your preferred package, proceed to checkout by clicking on 'Proceed to Checkout'. At this point, you will be asked to provide payment details. accepts various methods of payment for convenience. After completing your purchase, you will receive immediate access to your chosen study materials. Remember that all materials provided by Examstrack are designed with quality and effectiveness in mind, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE exam.

If you have any questions or issues pertaining to the services provided by, there are several ways in which you can reach out to them for assistance. The primary method of contact is through their dedicated email address which is You can draft an email detailing your concerns or queries and send it to this address. They strive to respond promptly and effectively. Another method of contacting is via the live chat feature available on their website. This provides a more immediate response and is ideal for urgent queries or issues that need quick resolution. The steps to use these methods are as follows:

  1. For Email: Compose an email with your query or issue and send it to
  2. For Live Chat: Visit the homepage, locate the 'Live Chat' feature usually found at the bottom right corner of the webpage, click on it and start chatting with a customer service representative.

Remember, whether you choose to contact them via email or live chat, be sure to provide as much information as possible about your issue or question. This will enable them to assist you more efficiently and effectively.

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SAFe-RTE Overview

SAFe 6 Release Train Engineer (RTE) Exam Overview
Aspect Description
Certification Name SAFe 6 Release Train Engineer (RTE)
Target Audience Individuals responsible for planning, executing, and delivering value through Agile Release Trains (ARTs) within the SAFe framework
Level Advanced
Prerequisites SAFe Agilist certification or equivalent knowledge of SAFe recommended
Exam Format Web-based, closed book, multiple-choice questions
Number of Questions 55
Time Limit 180 minutes (3 hours)
Passing Score 75% (41 out of 55)
Cost Included in the SAFe RTE course registration fee if taken within 30 days of course completion. Otherwise, USD $500 per attempt.
Renewal Every 3 years

SAFe-RTE Q&A's Detail

Exam Code:
Total Questions:
214 Q&A's
Single Choice Questions:
182 Q&A's
Multiple Choice Questions:
32 Q&A's

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