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CWNP CWS-100 Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: CWS-100
Exam Name: Certified Wireless Specialist
Last Update: May 19, 2024
60 Questions
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CWNP CWS-100 Exam Dumps FAQs

CWS-100 Exam Domains

CWNP CWS-Certified Wireless Specialist CWS-100 Exam Domains

  • Wi-Fi Technology, Standards, and Certifications - Covers the basics of Wi-Fi networking including technology operations, standards across various bands, and industry certifications.
  • Hardware and Software - Focuses on common wireless hardware like access points, client devices, and the software used for wireless networking.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals - Involves understanding RF principles, behaviors, and components essential to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Site Surveying and Installation - Addresses the processes for performing site surveys and installing network hardware effectively.
  • Applications, Support, and Troubleshooting - Encompasses knowledge of application considerations in wireless networks as well as support techniques and troubleshooting methodologies.
  • Security & Compliance - Highlights the importance of securing wireless networks and ensuring compliance with relevant policies and standards.

CWNP CWS-100 Exam Target Audience

Who Should Consider the CWNP CWS-100 Exam?

The CWNP CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist exam is designed for:

  • Professionals seeking to establish a foundational understanding of wireless networking.
  • Individuals aiming to pursue a career in IT with a focus on wireless technologies.
  • Technicians and network administrators who want to validate their wireless skills.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Possess basic knowledge of networking concepts and terminology.
  • Aim to specialize in wireless communications within various industry sectors such as healthcare, education, or enterprise IT.

Benefits of Certification:

The exam benefits candidates by:

  • Demonstrating their commitment and expertise to potential employers.
  • Enhancing their professional credibility in the field of wireless networking.

Associated Job Roles:

This certification is relevant for job roles including:

  • Wireless Network Technician
  • IT Support Staff with a focus on wireless infrastructure

Skill Validation:

The CWS-100 exam verifies that the candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively with wireless technology and ensures they are ready for more advanced study or professional responsibilities in the field.

  • Exam Name: CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist
  • Question Format: Multiple-choice questions
  • Number of Questions: 60 questions
  • Duration: 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
  • Passing Score: 70%

CWS-100 Exam Prerequisites

Prerequisites for the CWNP CWS-100 Exam:

  • There are no formal prerequisites in terms of prior certifications or educational qualifications required to take the CWS-100 exam.
  • While not mandatory, it is recommended that candidates have a basic understanding of wireless networking concepts.
  • Some hands-on experience with Wi-Fi technology can be beneficial for comprehension and practical application of the study material.

If you do not pass the CWNP CWS-100 exam on your first attempt, you must adhere to the following retake policy:

  1. There is a mandatory waiting period of at least 24 hours before you can retake the exam for the second time.
  2. If subsequent attempts are needed, a waiting period of at least 14 days from the most recent attempt must be observed.
  3. This cycle of waiting periods applies to every retake following a failed attempt.
  4. There is no limit on the number of times you can take the exam, but each attempt incurs the full examination fee.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change, and it's important to consult with CWNP directly for the most current policy information.

The CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist certification is valid for three years from the date of successful exam completion. To maintain the certification, certificate holders must:

  1. Retake and pass the CWS-100 exam, or
  2. Earn a higher-level CWNP certification before the CWS-100 certification expires.

It's important to keep track of the expiration date and fulfill one of these options to ensure continuous certification status.

CWS-100 Study Materials

Best CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist Study Materials from Examstrack

To excel in the CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist exam, Examstrack provides a comprehensive suite of study materials tailored to this certification. Here are the top resources from Examstrack that candidates should consider:

  • Examstrack Study Guide: This guide offers an in-depth understanding of all the topics covered in the CWS-100 exam. It's structured to facilitate easy learning and retention of wireless networking principles.
  • Examstrack Practice Question Bank: Featuring a wide range of questions, this resource mirrors the actual exam format, helping students test their knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

The benefits of using these Examstrack materials include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus with up-to-date content.
  • Detailed explanations and answers for better concept mastery.
  • User-friendly PDF formats for convenient study on-the-go.
  • An interactive Testing Engine simulating real exam conditions.

By integrating these resources into your study plan, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the CWS-100 exam confidently. Visit to purchase these invaluable tools and take a significant step towards becoming a CWNP Certified Wireless Specialist.

Study Time for CWS-100 Exam

Recommended Study Time for the CWS-100 Exam

The amount of study time required for the CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist exam can vary based on several factors. Below is a general guideline:

  • If you have prior experience in wireless networking, aim for 20-30 hours of study.
  • For those new to the field, consider dedicating 40-60 hours to fully grasp the material.
  • Adjust your study plan based on your familiarity with the exam content and your learning speed.
  • Increase or decrease these hours to match your comfort level and confidence in passing the exam.

Remember, it's crucial to customize your study schedule according to your personal needs and ensure you're well-prepared come exam day.

  • Structured Learning: ExamTrack's CWNP CWS-100 material provides a clear and organized approach, ensuring comprehensive coverage of topics and efficient learning progression.
  • Efficient Preparation: The multiple-choice questions and answers are curated to enhance understanding and retention, enabling candidates to prepare effectively within a shorter time frame.
  • Predictable Outcomes: With the structured format, students can set clear learning objectives, leading to predictable outcomes and increased chances of success on the CWS-100 exam.
  • Demo Availability: Free demos allow candidates to evaluate the quality of the material before committing, ensuring they have the resources that best suit their study style.
  • Guaranteed Success: ExamTrack's promise of success in certification exams instills confidence in students and may provide additional motivation throughout their study journey.

Enroll in CWNP CWS-100 Exam Course at

To enroll in the Certified Wireless Specialist course, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
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Upon successful payment, you will gain access to all materials associated with your chosen exam preparation package.

If you have any questions or issues and need to contact, there are a couple of convenient methods available for you to reach out. Ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly is a priority, and here's how you can get in touch:

  • Email Support: One of the most direct ways to communicate with the support team at is through email. You can send your queries or concerns to This method allows you to provide detailed information about your issue or question, ensuring that the support team has all the necessary information to assist you effectively.
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Regardless of which method you choose, rest assured that is committed to providing timely and helpful support to ensure your experience with their services is both positive and productive.

CWS-100 Ratings & Reviews

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CWS-100 Overview

Aspect Description
Exam Name CWNP CWS-100 (Certified Wireless Specialist)
Content Areas
  • WLAN Terminology (basic terms and definitions related to wireless networking)
  • RF Fundamentals (radio frequencies, signal propagation, antennas)
  • 802.11 Wireless LAN Standards (802.11 versions, features, and functionalities)
  • Wireless Network Devices (access points, controllers, clients)
  • Basic WLAN Security Concepts (encryption methods, authentication protocols)
  • WLAN Management and Monitoring (basic tools and techniques)
Question Format Primarily Multiple Choice, may include some True/False or Fill-in-the-Blank questions
Number of Questions Approximately 60
Passing Score Approximately 70%
Exam Duration 90 minutes
Prerequisites None mandated, but a basic understanding of networking concepts is recommended
Recommended Resources
  • CWNP Official CWS Study Guide
  • CWNP CWS-100 Objectives:
  • CWNP Online Learning Resources:
  • Practice exams from reputable vendors (disclaimer: using brain dumps is not recommended)

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