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SAP C_HANADEV_17 Dumps Questions Answers

Exam Code: C_HANADEV_17
Exam Name: SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05
Last Update: Jun 24, 2024
91 Questions
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SAP C_HANADEV_17 Exam Dumps FAQs

The SAP C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 exam is a certification test designed to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals in developing native software applications running on the SAP HANA platform. This certification focuses on SAP HANA 2.0, SPS05 edition, and assesses a candidate's ability in several key areas.

  • Purpose: The primary goal of this exam is to certify individuals who demonstrate proficiency in leveraging the capabilities of SAP HANA for application development. It aims to ensure that certified associates can effectively contribute to SAP projects by developing high-performing applications.
  • Target Audience: This exam is intended for developers, system architects, and technology consultants who have experience working with SAP HANA and seek to validate their expertise in building applications on this platform.
  • Key Skills Assessed: The exam covers a range of topics including database modeling, SQLScript, CDS views, calculation views, and full-stack application development using various SAP HANA tools and technologies. Candidates are tested on their practical understanding of how to develop optimized applications that leverage the unique features of the SAP HANA database.

Candidates looking to take the C_HANADEV_17 exam should refer to official SAP education resources for comprehensive study materials and guidelines.

Earning the C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 certification offers significant career benefits, including:

  • Potential Salary Increase: Certifications like C_HANADEV_17 can significantly boost your earning potential. According to industry surveys, certified professionals can see a salary increase of up to 20%, depending on their current role and region.
  • Enhanced Job Opportunities: Holding a specialized certification opens doors to new job opportunities. Employers often prioritize candidates with certifications as it validates their skills and knowledge in SAP HANA development, making you a more competitive candidate.
  • Career Advancement Possibilities: With the C_HANADEV_17 certification, professionals can fast-track their career advancement. It demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and expertise in cutting-edge technology, which is highly valued for leadership or specialized technical roles within organizations.

The certification aligns with the aspirations of individuals aiming for roles such as SAP HANA developers, data modelers, or database administrators, offering them a tangible way to distinguish themselves in a competitive job market and leverage opportunities for personal and professional growth.

SAP C_HANADEV_17 Exam Format and Duration

Exam Format and Duration for SAP C_HANADEV_17: SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05

  • Exam Code: C_HANADEV_17
  • Type of Questions: Primarily multiple-choice, with possible other formats such as drag and drop, fill in the blank, etc.
  • Number of Questions: 80 questions
  • Total Exam Duration: 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • Language: English
  • Purpose: To verify the candidate has the knowledge required in the area of SAP HANA 2.0 based on SPS05 for the profile of an SAP HANA development consultant.

Note: Candidates are advised to check the official SAP website or contact SAP directly for any updates or changes regarding the exam format and duration.

  • Educational Background: While SAP does not mandate a specific educational background, having a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related fields can be beneficial.
  • Work Experience: Practical experience is crucial. Candidates should have hands-on experience with SAP HANA of at least 6 to 12 months. This includes familiarity with database management, data modeling, and SQL scripting.
  • Prior Knowledge: A solid understanding of the concepts covered in the HA100 (SAP HANA Introduction) and HA300 (SAP HANA - Implementation and Modeling) courses is recommended. These provide foundational knowledge necessary for the exam.
  • SAP Learning Hub Subscription: Although not a prerequisite, subscribing to the SAP Learning Hub provides access to relevant learning materials and courses that can help prepare for the exam.

The cost of the SAP C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 exam varies by country but generally falls around $549 USD. This price is for the exam itself and does not include any additional costs that might be incurred during the preparation phase, such as study materials or training courses.

  • Exam Fee: Approximately $549 USD
  • Additional Costs:
    • Study Materials: Varies based on choice of resources
    • Training Courses (Optional): Varies by provider
    • Retake Fees: If applicable, retakes may incur the same cost as the initial exam fee

Note that prices are subject to change, and it's important to check the official SAP website or contact SAP directly for the most current information regarding exam fees and any potential additional costs.

The C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 certification is valid for an indefinite period after successful completion of the exam. This means that once you have earned this certification, it does not expire and remains valid indefinitely.

  • There are no renewal requirements or processes necessary to maintain the validity of this certification.
  • Candidates are encouraged, however, to stay updated with new versions and enhancements by pursuing further education or certifications offered by SAP.
Certainly, here's how you can effectively prepare for the SAP C_HANADEV_17 exam with a focus on utilizing resources from

Comprehensive Guide to Prepare for the C_HANADEV_17 Exam

To excel in the SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 exam, follow this structured approach:

  1. Understand the Exam Structure: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the exam's format and objectives. This foundational step is crucial for targeted preparation.
  2. Utilize Resources: For high-quality SAP C_HANADEV_17 exam questions and answers, leverage both the PDF and Testing Engine provided by These materials are crafted with real questions to closely mirror the actual exam environment.
  3. Create a Study Plan: With an understanding of the exam scope and quality resources at hand, draft a study plan. Allocate time for each topic based on its weight in the exam and your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice with’s Testing Engine will help solidify your knowledge and improve your test-taking speed and accuracy. The real-life exam simulation feature is particularly beneficial for gaining confidence.
  5. Analyze Your Performance: Use feedback from practice tests to identify areas that need improvement. Focus your study efforts on these topics to ensure comprehensive preparation.
  6. Revise Strategically: As your exam date approaches, use the PDFs for quick revisions. This will help reinforce key concepts and ensure they are fresh in your mind.

In conclusion, leveraging’s meticulously prepared resources significantly boosts your chances of success in the C_HANADEV_17 exam. Their real question-based materials offer unparalleled insights into what to expect, making them an indispensable tool for any candidate aiming to ace this certification.

The amount of time you should dedicate to studying for the C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 exam can vary greatly depending on several factors, including your prior knowledge of the subject, your study pace, and how thoroughly you wish to prepare for the exam. Generally, a range of 120 to 160 hours is recommended for those with some background in SAP HANA. This allows ample time to cover all necessary materials comprehensively.

  • Assess your current level of understanding and experience with SAP HANA to better estimate your starting point.
  • Consider your daily commitments and set realistic study goals that fit into your schedule without causing burnout.
  • Adjust the intensity of your study sessions based on your grasp of the material; allocate more time to challenging topics.

It's crucial to tailor your study plan to fit your personal learning style and pace. Some may find they need more or less time than others. The key is consistent, focused study sessions that allow for deep understanding rather than surface-level memorization.

Choosing ExamTrack for your C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 preparation offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your learning experience and improve your chances of success. Here are some key advantages:

  • Structured Learning: The study materials are meticulously organized, ensuring a logical progression through topics that build on each other, facilitating easier understanding and retention.
  • Guidance from Experienced Instructors: You gain access to insights and tips from instructors who have a deep understanding of the exam content and structure, helping you to focus on the most important areas.
  • Compiled Exam Material: All the necessary study resources are compiled in one place, saving you time and effort in gathering information from multiple sources.
  • Access to Real Questions Answers: Having access to questions that closely mimic those found in the actual exam can greatly enhance your preparedness by allowing you to practice in a realistic setting.

The combination of high-quality braindumps, up-to-date content according to the latest exam requirements, along with PDF and Testing Engine formats that simulate the real exam scenario, makes ExamTrack an excellent choice for anyone looking to pass their C_HANADEV_17 certification efficiently.

To enroll in the SAP C_HANADEV_17 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 exam course at, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to the search bar or exam list and find the "C_HANADEV_17" exam course.
  3. Review the available materials such as Dumps Questions Answers, PDF, and Testing Engine.
  4. Click on the "Add to cart" button for your desired package: Testing Engine (only), PDF (only), or PDF + Testing Engine.
  5. Select your preferred payment method from the options provided.
  6. Complete the checkout process by entering the required payment details and finalizing your purchase.

After completing these steps, you will be enrolled in the course and can start preparing for your certification exam.

How to Get Free Trial of SAP C_HANADEV_17 Exam Material

To obtain a free trial of the SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 material, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of ExamTrack. Search for the "SAP C_HANADEV_17" exam in their search bar.
  2. On the SAP C_HANADEV_17 exam page, look for options labeled as "Free Web-Based Online Questions" or "Free PDF Demo". These sections are designed to provide a glimpse into the quality and type of study materials available.
  3. Click on the "Free PDF Demo" option to download a sample of the study guide directly to your device. This demo includes a selection of questions and answers from the full study guide, allowing you to assess its relevance and quality.
  4. For interactive practice, select the "Free Web-Based Online Questions". This may require you to sign up or register on the site but will grant you access to online practice questions that simulate the actual exam environment.
  5. Review both resources thoroughly to ensure they meet your study needs and preferences before considering purchasing the full version of the study guide.

Note: Make sure your device is compatible with PDF files for viewing the demo, and check if any specific software is required for web-based questions.

C_HANADEV_17 Ratings & Reviews

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C_HANADEV_17 Overview

Aspect Description
Exam Name SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05
Exam Code C_HANADEV_17
Target Audience Individuals beginning their careers in SAP HANA development or aiming to support SAP HANA development projects in a junior role
Content Areas * Likely covers areas like:
  • Understanding the SAP HANA architecture and development tools (SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA)
  • Creating and deploying SAP HANA applications (including database procedures and function modules)
  • Working with SQL script development for SAP HANA database objects
  • Understanding data modeling concepts for SAP HANA applications
  • Developing application logic using SAP HANA native development languages (e.g. SQLScript)
  • Understanding security considerations and access controls in SAP HANA development
  • Basic functionalities for testing and troubleshooting SAP HANA applications
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions
Number of Questions Information not publicly disclosed (typically around 80 for SAP certification exams)
Pass Score Not publicly disclosed, but typically around 60%
Exam Duration Information not publicly disclosed (typical SAP certification exams last around 1-2 hours)

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